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Polluto # 8
Polluto 10 Wage Slave Orgy

Clutch your credit-chips close and head on over to see what Polluto has on offer: a world of malls, stretching endlessly into one another. Systems of oppression, both real and fictional. Corporations of the future, Flooded London, money and privilege, a human life claimed for art. A mathematician feverishly tattooing his formulae onto prisoners of war. Workers on special offer: cheap-labour, clone-labour and corpse-labour. And bear in mind, valued customers, that nothing comes for free!

Welcome to Polluto's dark and twisted corner.

Polluto is the award-winning literary magazine from Dog Horn Publishing. Since 2008 we have been scouring the dark, twisted and just plain weird corners of the world for the kind of writing that we love.

Polluto has investigated aliens from Mars, enjoyed the apocalypse from its patio furniture, got a case of the clap from an old cassette tape, dressed entirely in red sparkles and acted like a tramp, fought cutlass wielding youths and a robot Abe Lincoln, had its passport stolen by an octopus and then fell asleep on the space journey home.

And what have we learnt? Well, when your magazine is compiled entirely by loose mental patients anything is possible. Except getting the editor to pick up the cheque.

Check out what's been happening in the world of Dog Horn and Polluto.
Polluto NewsIssue 10 of Polluto is available now!
Polluto Issue 8 The Peculiar Salesgirl, by Nicole Cushing, is this issues Editor's Choice!
Deb HoagPolluto 10 Wage Slave Orgy available in epub format, coming soon!
Dave MigmanA short story by Dave Migman: 'Harpish'
Dave MigmanA poem by Dave Migman: 'Some Call It Life'